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Welcome to the newly relaunched Jazz in York website!

If you are new to the jazz scene in York, this post is a good place to start in order to familiarise yourself. York has a very healthy scene, with a variety of promoters, jams and bands to take your pick from!

For the latest in cutting edge jazz from touring bands, check out THE BASEMENT for intimate shows and THE CRESCENT COMMUNITY VENUE, which often features established award winning acts. Jazz in York hosts gigs at both of these venues, and often collaborate with OUROBOROS; a mysterious crew of promoters who put on everything from hip hop to techno; but are known to love the new jazz sounds emerging from the UK at the moment. Previous guests to have come to these venues include: Dinosaur, Arun Ghosh, Archipelago, Alina Bzhezhinska and many more.

No jazz lover’s trip to York is complete without popping by THE PHOENIX INN. A lovely, intimate, comfortable pub with an open fire, and Tim Taylor’s on the pumps. Jams are hosted every Wednesday, and often there is music on Mondays and Sundays as well. They’ve been known to host a raffle where you can win a bottle of wine…. What more could you ask for from a lovely evening out?!

If you like your traditional jazz, why not pop along to the CROSS KEYS on Thursday afternoons, where relaxed traditional jazz sessions take place, featuring all sorts of guests! If you are more of a night bird, we highly recommend checking out the EAGLE & CHILD, where the James Lancaster Quartet put a jazzy and often funky spin on classic and contemporary tunes.

York has a wealth of local talent: in addition to the aforementioned groups, do keep an eye out for Kate Peters, who has a dedicated loyal following. Her Ella Fitzgerald Big Band shows often sell out, and she can be spotted at a variety of venues around York such as the Phoenix or Kennedys.

Karl Mullen often plays solo piano at the Phoenix, but is also often at venues such as Sutlers alongside talented singer Rachael Croft; a talented duo who love to have fun with classic tunes!

Finally if you have not experienced the raucous energy of NEW YORK BRASS BAND, you are missing out. These guys are party animals, a brass band like no other!

Jazz would be nowhere without education schemes such as YORK JAZZ INITIATIVE, which is led by talented trumpet player and teacher, IAN CHALK (who also leads the incredible FIREBIRD QUARTET!) York Jazz initiave has a variety of groups with differening skill levels and styles, and regularly host concerts , workshops and meets. Head to their website for more info!

We’ll be keeping this blog updated with more news, reviews, previews and bio’s, so stay tuned…. Or if you would like to contribute, head to the contact page!


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