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Jazz is an incredible music as it has such a wide range of feelings and emotions contained within  it.

It ranges from cool introspection to wild, joyous abandon, from the swing rhythms of New Orleans to the vibrant grooves of South America.  Every part of the world has its own jazz dialect, its own approach to this broad church called Jazz. York Jazz Initiative are here to help everyone get involved with this amazing music.


York Jazz Initiative has been created to provide jazz education for the local community of all ages and abilities as well as regular performance opportunities including at our regular Jazz Lounge events.  All of this is done within the York Music Service family.

So far they have 8 different types of jazz ensembles with around 90 people involved so there's something for everyone as well as the chance for one-to-one tuition from an amazing tutor team.

So if you play an instrument or sing and want to get involved with jazz for the first time or wanting to develop your skills get in touch and get involved!

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